FOS | Concept Store

Project Description

A concept store in the residual space of a hotel lobby comes to life when a void is carved out of an irregular space. Flirting with edges of the central void, a cladded metal mesh defines and unifies the space by enveloping the audience, while programmatic pockets stem beneath it’s periphery. At the intersection of these two systems – the surface and the volume – a coherent order emerges. An order whereby a variety of programs such as a library, a kitchen, a perfumery and a clothing section, all serve and connect to the common space, the abstracted void, in which a multitude of events are taking place. The central surface is in turn interrupted by a sculptural element; a suspended ‘magnet’ that pierces through the void and acts as a shared display which attracts and directs movement to accommodate ad-hoc programmatic scenarios.

Project Data

Concept store

Build-Up Area
325 sqm

Lagos, Nigeria

Concept Design


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