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Project Description

The story of Beirut’s destruction, particularly the repeated devastation and looting of its center remains riddled with anomalies and as the city rebuilds itself the requisite for new landmarks becomes even more ostensible. As regeneration is gaining momentum, new prospects for rediscovering and rewriting Beirut’s urban richness present themselves. The KLM tower is such an opportunity. Located at the eastern gate of Beirut and facing the industrial port, the project pushes a new frontier in Beirut’s downtown growth. Its location grounds the building as an urban hinge that sits at the intersection of surrounding highways, neighborhoods and future developments. The site’s natural vantage point, corner condition, axis and programming set the stage for a unique formal response in the light of redefining the Beiruti mixed-use typology.

Inspired by modernist icons such as the neighboring ‘Electricité du Liban’, the façade is treated with a concrete modular pattern, framing and defining openings. The mass is broken down into two volumes to amplify its verticality, while a shift happens along the length of each volume, creating the illusion of two intersecting towers. The gesture, open to the imaginary, is a radically optimistic statement that welcomes visitors at the eastern entrance of the city. Facing the commercial port and the sea, the concrete, metal and glass building is unmistakably local and contemporary yet respectful of its past. Its mass, orientation, materials, and mechanical systems are designed to reach high standards of sustainability, with no compromise on the luxurious, high-end experience desired by the client.

Concept + Preliminary Design:
Tower and Garden: Charles Kettaneh, Nicolas Fayad, Mohamad Makkouk
Ground Floor and Commercial Podium: Jean-Marc Bonfils & Associates

Design Development:
Tower and Garden: EAST Architecture Studio
Ground Floor and Commercial Podium: Jean-Marc Bonfils & Associates

Project Data

Mixed use

Build-Up Area
13,500 sqm

Beirut, Lebanon

Construction Permit


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